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Ryan Grush

DevOps + Full-Stack Developer



Solution Architect - Jan 2019 - Present
  • Designed, implemented and vetted various cloud-based systems that scaled
  • Frequently served as point person between DXC and Fortune 500 clients - Microsoft, Nissan, Chevron, Sabre and more
  • Provided teams with programming, devOps, networking, database and cloud engineering help when needed
DevOps - Aug 2017 - Aug 2018
  • Managed roughly 50 AWS servers
  • Collaborated with team leaders to configure and install dependancies on remote environments
  • Designed and maintained IaC systems using Ansible, Terraform, Jenkins and Docker
  • Supported devs with special workflow tools using AWS Lambda and traditional server-based solutions
  • Refactored logging system using the ELK stack and Filebeat
Sr. Backend Developer - July 2016 - July 2017
  • Built logistics features for the company’s admin dashboard using Ruby on Rails
  • Oversaw new tech choices, reviewed code and helped onboard new hires
  • Worked with many 3rd-party APIs for various features
  • Used TDD and OO best practices
  • Optimized app and database responsiveness
Frontend Developer - Jan 2016 - June 2016
  • Designed and coded UI elements for the app’s client-facing side
  • Built the “accident detection” portal and other features using ReactJS
  • Redesigned the company’s “trip report” feature using the Google Maps APIs, caching results for better response time
UX/UI Frontend Developer - June 2012 - Nov 2015
  • Developed frontend features and UI elements for the web app, iPhone app and marketing website
  • Built a robust Chrome extension that interfaced Gmail with the web app via a RESTful API

Side Projects

CEO + Founder - Nov 2005 - Present
  • Founded a self-sustaining service that attracts 500k visitors, 5 million pageviews, 30k uploads and 15k users annually
  • Manage all business and product responsibilities
  • Designed frontend theme and style guide, UI elements and marketing material


Louisiana State University
Mass Communication - Advertising - Aug 2004 - Aug 2009